The Baycar

Cardiff Bay Bus

The Baycar (Service No 6) is the easiest way to get between Cardiff city centre and Cardiff Bay.

Buses operate every 12 mins Mon – Fri and every 15 mins Sat – Sun day times/every 20 mins in the evenings. Bus stops include Westgate Street, lower St Mary Street & rear of Central Train Station.

The route 1


  • Cardiff Central Railway Station
  • St David’s Centre
  • Cardiff Central Library
  • Cardiff International Arena
  • Capitol Centre
  • Civic centre
  • Cardiff University
  • Cardiff Castle
  • Millennium Stadium

The route 2


  • Cardiff Bay
  • Roath Lock
  • Norwegian Church Arts Centre
  • Wales Millennium Centre
  • Mermaid Quay
  • Red Dragon Centre
  • Senedd
  • Pierhead Building
  • Cardiff Waterbus stops
  • Techniquest

You can download the free Bus Route here  and the timetable here 

9 reviews

  1. the names of these bus stops mean nothing to a non-Cardiff person!! A map showing the route would be helpful…. and not one on an App either.
    Thank you

  2. Bus to the Bay - are you sure?

    But Route 1 doesn’t even mention the Bay!! What’s going on?

    What’s needed is a bus route to and from the Bay which shows where the bus stops are and labels them clearly on a map.

    Also we need to know whether the schedule is the usual one or a different one for this Eisteddfod week, and this info is needed URGENTLY…..

  3. Traveline has iunfo

    I agree that there should be more info, including a map. However, the Traveline Cymru website has everything you need. Just type in 6 in the Service Number box and all will be revealed.

  4. You can now download the free Bus Route here and the new Timetable here

  5. Confusing information

    I wanted to get to the Eestefod on Saturday 1st June and after looking on line for information we thought we’d get the Baycar. We got off the 400 bus at College Road and waited at the Welsh Government Offices bus stop in King Edward VII Road but no bus came so we had to walk back to Greyfriars Road in the city, which is where our 400 bus from Pontypridd would have dropped us off. I wanted to ask why the information on the website was so misleading? We are both pensioners and it was a very hot day so it soured our first visit to this wonderful event as we were tired with very sore feet! :-/

  6. None the wiser!!

    I still don’t know how to get to the Bay from Cardiff Central!!

  7. Click on the Timetable link!!

    You need to click on the link to the ‘timetable’ and it becomes clearer!!!”

  8. Proceed with care!

    My granddaughter was excited to go on the “bendy bus” and headed for the back seats. Great until we hit the speed bumps outside County Hall when we were lifted out of our seats by the bone jarring impact. The second bump was the same but we were more prepared. Be warned it is dangerous for mothers holding babies and anybody with back problems, if you don’t have one you will after this!

  9. Unreliable

    Don’t rely on this service. Random to say the least….sounds so simple, just jump on the 6 from the bay to the city and back. Unfortunately the service just disappears as and when they feel like it. Rubbish and

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