Mermaid Quay MSCP

Capacity 380

Mermaid Quay car park has a Capacity of 380 with a two-level visitor car park located immediately next doorThe car park operates on a ticketless parking system which uses the latest automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) technology.

As you drive into the car park, the ANPR equipment will record your registration number. On your way back to your vehicle, go to one of the pay stations and type in your registration number. You will be charged the time you have spent in the car park. At the exit, the ANPR equipment will recognise your number plate and, if you have paid, the barrier will rise automatically. If you have not paid, you will not be able to leave the car park.

7 reviews

  1. Chaos

    I’ve just spent an hour and a half trying to get out of this car park. Queued once and the machine didn’t recognise the car registration. After being asked 3 times if the registration was correct I decided to check, just in case, and it was! By this point the queue is around the corner and along the road and I had to walk in the road to get to the back of it (only 3 of four machines running, and these didn’t seem to be working properly!). One machine in centre of car park, with huge queue in danger of being run over as nowhere to wait but centre of lane with cars trying to get out. Barrier not working and causing tailback, and more risk to people queuing. Absolutely freezing cold, and a ridiculous situation to be in. We complained to security, who first told us that we should expect this after a gig (on a Thursday night), and in their second breath said they had complained numerous times to management about the issues they repeatedly had there and admitted it was unacceptable! I really would appreciate an apology for how appallingly this car park was managed this evening! We will never be using it again. In all honestly I think it should be shut down as it doesn’t actually have the capacity to manage the number of cars it facilitates, as evidenced by this situation this evening (look at the cctv from 10pm if you don’t believe me!). Not enough machines for that number of cars and no where for people from that number of cars to queue safely! Shut it down. Disgrace.

  2. Complete Cockup

    This was the first time we used the car park since it went ticket less and completely automated, ie no staff on site. Well what a complete cockup for want of a better word! The machine does not give change and does not accept notes, (what about the new £1 coins?) so if you don’t have the exact fee you lose money, also it took quite a few attempts before our car reg number was recognized. Also it asks what time (hour and minute) the car park was entered, why? Not everybody would know that! We had to beg other customers to change a £10 note for us during which time the fee had gone up to the next hour. And of course no humans to ask for advice, how many people have been stranded in there? We will never use the car park again.

  3. Awful car park. The worst payment system I have come across. Most people in the long queue struggled. At these sort of charges at least update the system and make it contactless payment.

  4. No space and no signs.

    Terrible, no space and had to pay to come out of the barrier. No staff to talk to. Avoid this car park.

  5. My husband and I parked at this car park, paid by card and received 2 receipts, £4.50 and £5.50! Don’t relish paying twice, the tickets were timed 2 minutes apart. Signage not good, no staff on hand and absolutely nothing on the tickets to indicate to whom complaints should be directed. There isn’t even a record of the car number plate. Wont be parking there again.

  6. Odd

    Could not pay on Thursday night as machine did not recognise registration, and could not find anybody to help, and only had an answering machine when I rang. It worked on Friday night, however. Strange.

  7. Change back to tickets or at least have a barrier that stays down when the car park is full!

    Rubbish! You let people in when there is no space. Complete waste of our time. We were nearly late for the cinema because of this!!

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