The Waterguard

Serves lunch and dinner
A beautiful venue pub and diner with spectacular views across cardiff bay . come talk and pass a few hours with an organic beer , good food and a coffee .

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6 reviews

  1. staff bad attitude

    Dreadful service with very bad attitude from the bar staff. Thats why it was the only place on the bay that was not busy on Easter Sunday. Def wont return there.

  2. Awful attitude very uncomfortable experience

    A group of us went here from work, awful attitude by staff that was actually very uncomfortable, wouldn’t serve food on their tables outside but would put food on a table inside as long as we took it out ourselves very bazaar and everything was a huge effort. Given that it is quite pricey especially the drinks the least that is needed is service with a smile.

  3. Excellent

    Under new management.
    Of our experience the service from start to finish was excellent
    No complaints

  4. Food should not have left the kitchen

    Ordered fish and chips. The fish was burned and turned upside down to hide the the worst of it. Fish was like rubber. Completely inedible and should not have been served.

    Other half ordered pie and mash. The pie was dry! No sauce or anything just potato and a little cheese for filling.

    I’m a local but rather than complaining and getting a refund, I will never return and will share my feedback with friends who also live in the area.

    Such poor quality that should never have been served in the first place. Shame.

  5. Avoid at all costs!

    Went here over a year ago with a friend. I went to order at the bar. When I brought the drinks over to the table, my friend had a sheet of paper with a wordsearch that the female manager gave him because he was on his mobile phone.
    Really condescending for a 38 year to be treated like he is in school.
    I got a text message and looked at my phone only to be promptly told by the manager to put it away, ‘we have a digital detox policy’.
    I informed her that we had been in London the previous weekend and have been to several Sam Smith’s pubs and lots of customers were on their phones and nothing was said.
    Needless to say we didn’t have another drink in the water guard.
    Have to go to Newport, to Ye Old Murenger house for a Sam Smith’s pub where the staff give a warm welcome and don’t alienate their customers!

  6. Overpriced, rude service

    £6.50 a pint is a total rip off especially for a Sam Smiths branch, a chain known for being both good quality and affordable.

    We were given the excuse of “oh it’s because it’s Covid” is just poor plus the bar mans attitude was rude.
    The pub/bar is scarily quiet and I cannot see watergaurd surviving with prices and staff like that.

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Cardiff Bay CF10 4PA
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Mon to Sat 12:00 - 23:00 Sun 12:00 - 22:30