At Nando’s we love flame grilled PERi-PERi-chicken. It makes our world go round! Whether you are eating with friends or family or having a boys/girls night out, enjoy the taste of our famous PERi-PERi-chicken, the warmth and pride with which we deliver it and the laid-back atmosphere of our restaurant.

Way back in the 15th Century in the rich soils and intense heat of South Africa, our Portuguese forefathers made a monumentally important discovery – the African Birds Eye Chilli. Known as PERi-PERi, this fiery little customer is added to special herbs and spices to give our Nando’s original PERi-PERi sauce its unique flavour.

PERi-PERi gives your taste buds an extreme workout and contains no preservatives, no colourants or artificial flavours so it’s a totally natural and perfectly healthy eating option for grown ups and children!

And the spirit of Nando’s is alive in our restaurant. Hand selected, eclectic mix of global music and unique features ensure you and your family enjoy your Nando’s Experience. It’s perfect for birthday celebrations, family get-togethers or simply having a fun night out!

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  1. just to say that i had excellent customer service from Robert cardiff bay nandos for servig us with a smile.

  2. Nando's no you mean nodoo's

    Must admit entering a little late in the evening 9.15 staff looked tired but restaurant quite empty , ordered food 9.29 was half an hour wait fresh chicken no problem ! kids got drinks sat having family chat , had to use toilet men’s I’ve never seen such a stinking mess in a restaraunt , poor nandos ! obviously standards are worn off , on returning asked about conderments sauces . I was asked if I could have them in a bowl because she was cleaning the bottles, i said I’d prefer the bottles please so we can try different ones that you do , because it was a treat for us not something we do everyday , and wanted to enjoy the experience , and to top it off after 20 minutes the chef appears at the table with apologies that the meal would be a further 30 minutes oven had been turned off and needed extra time to cook food correctly , I asked for a refund not happy disgusted was offered extra garlic bread with our meal or something for inconvenience , but we had refund , never again nandos …. Please state service not as good later on in the evening , because staff are relaxing thanks for ruining an evening . Head office watch cctv see what your staff do or have a last order time

  3. I visited this restaurant today with my husband and 2 children. We didn’t have to wait long for a table which was great considering it was a bank holiday! We sat down and I went to order. The lady on the till seemed very busy..whilst ordering our food I asked for FRIES as 1 of the sides and she was quite replying we don’t sell FRIES here we sell CHIPS…which took me back a bit because she was quite abrupt!. I asked for no pita mix on my food and once the order was completed I sat down and waited for our food. It didn’t take long to come to the table but my order was wrong I had pita mix and I asked for NO pita mix. I told the girl who brought it to my table and she looked quite inconvienced by it she took my food back to be changed. I had asked for plated for the children as they were sharing some of our food. I had to ask 3 times……. when the girl brought my food back the pita mix had been just scrapped off and the chicken just rammed back in the pita bread!! It was terrible service. I called the girl back over again and she rolled her eyes and I explained what I wasn’t happy about and again asked for 2 plates for the children. She didn’t take my food with her to get changed!!. I called over the manager and he couldn’t do enough for us. I know people get stressed working in an environment like that but I have worked in hospitality for many years and the waitress! Did not want to be there a little tip for the girl….if u don’t want to work bank holidays and weekends don’t work in hospitality!!.

  4. Excellent customer service

    Excellent customer service by Nadia, it was my nephew’s 16th birthday, we hadn’t booked, but when I mentioned that we were celebrating we received a free cake, which was delicious and my nephew, althouh embaressed, was made up. Thank you so very much.

  5. Management are idiots

    Absolutely ridiculous. I would suggest no one phone to book a table here as they do not accommodate more than 8 people for a group. I phoned and spoke to a manager called Corey who has informed me I am unable to book as I don’t have enough people. When I asked why he said that we could be split up instead of sitting together. I will refuse to eat at any Nando’s for as long as I live.

  6. Would not visit again

    I visited Nandos Cardiff Bay on Saturday 11th January with 3 others. The starters were great but that’s where it ended. I ordered chicken livers, which were so salty I had to return them. The fries were fine but the corn on the cob was barely cooked – I would go as far to say it was virtually raw. My nephew had a whole chicken that was so fatty he left most of it. Had I used the toilet as soon as I entered the premises I wouldn’t have eaten there. I have no complaints about the staff but I have to say this was by far the worst Nandos I have visited.

  7. Terrible service, poor hygiene

    Twice I had visited the branch in cardiff bay, the first visit was good. The second visit was awfull in fact very very bad, firstly was not even welcomed at the door or greeted us,the waiter was sweeping the floor and didn’t even wash his hands, poor hygiene then served us and had no customer service, didnt smile or repeat order, while we where placing our order a tall boy with glasses had drop the yellow tongs and then picked them up back up and put it on the grill, I was shocked and felt sick my sister had menitiond it to him and his response was ok I’m taking it now with attitude, that was disgusting and vile thats dirty, and should not have happened, are the staff even trained properly. I wanted to order the steak wrap and the the assistant manger said we stopped doing them, I explained why the still on your menu, she said sorry.and I went for the roll. Was concerned very concerned about the tongs and was concerned weather he had but them through Kp but I dont think he did and I believe he brought those same tongs back out, what I don’t understand it was only 9.21 pm everyone was eager to close down the kitchen and floor, I was observing them, the kitchen was dirty and greasy I wanted to cancel my order but my sister said it be fine. The staff named Ash had saw this and did not do anything or reported it to a manger, toilets are dirty and stinking, disgusting urine and water everywhere in each toliet and toilet paper I didnt bother I just washed my hands. Felt sick , from looking at this.
    I was so upset about the tongs and in regards with poor hygiene I had to speak to a staff and approach staff and explained her my concerns then a lady within the kitchen said why are you speaking to her she is a part timer, I explained iv got concerns and I said I’m the manger you speak to me. I said could you come to the table to discuss the concerns and then said yes il be there and was frustrated and angry and threw her hat and rolled her eyes, that’s rude, as she approached acted professionally she apologized and said il speak to him about it, and assured us that our food will be fresh, this was an assistant manger no check backs where done there was group that was leaving and it was 10 clock and they started to close down the floor put the chairs on top off tables and it was not even 10.30. The assistant manger had no hair net on, nor the other staffs poor heginge i decided to try the desert Carmel cheese cake and gelto and 2 more desserts. desert arrived with chipped plate no double cream awfull again, I was fuming and p**** right off , so called for manger he was aware about the tongs and I explained the plate is chipped and picked the plate up.and walked away and did not apologized and I explained there’s no double cream either his name was James and he was the manger he was rude and ignorant was rushing round service again abousulte nightmare definitely wont be coming here again prefer the one in city centre they are much better service and Hospitality.

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