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The JRC Cardiff branch brings their unique style and casual dining to Mermaid Quay. The double height ceilings and full length exterior windows compliment the Asian influenced interior features and brings a refreshing and calming ambience.

Our awarding winning chefs provide a theatrical feast for diners at three live cooking stations, transforming fresh ingredients into mouth-watering sizzling dishes. These include our signature teppanyaki hotplate, yakitori barbecue grill, freshly prepared sushi bar, deli bar, roasting selection, Indian station and chef special.

These are in addition to the popular and delicious dishes available on our hot and cold cooking stations and feature dessert counters.

We are located on Bute Street with ample parking within 2 minutes walk.

27 reviews


    Tried for 10 Minutes to book a Table,NO reply just a Message SORRY WE ARE UNABLE TO TAKE YOUR CALL YOU CANNOT LEAVE A MESSAGE. EVENTUALLY WHEN I DID GET THRU I WAS TOLD THE REASON WAS ONLY ONE PERSON MANNED THE TILL AND THE PHONE. Someone needs to get their Act together sooner than Later 1/10

  2. Average

    Food was average not very hot

  3. rude rude and ruder staff

    omg horrific!!!! RUDE STAFF ,I downloaded the app ,it sais 13,99
    on sunday booked a table,,,,,,had a silly dull 18 year old tell me downloaded the wrong app /old app 100 quid later no bottle of wine free and such rude staff our rating for the food is a 1 out of 5 ‘ice cream all melted only four choices but all runny, rude staff all the way ,never never going back and only been open for 11 days no wonder it closed b4

  4. Raw food and not just the sushi

    Served raw chicken wing, when I complained about it I was told that how they are marinated meant the blood stays in it when it’s cooked.
    After two emails to complain, no response.

  5. Best all you can eat in cardiff

    Has gone downhill over the years but this is by far my FAVORITE all you can eat place in Cardiff.

  6. My tip is don’t wast your money , it is rubbish , not as good as before, won’t be going back, the food is tastless, selection not as good as before , waited so long for them to open up again, so disappoint .

  7. St Mary's Exceptional Eating Experience

    We brought 42 children and 5 staff to your restaurant on Sunday evening. The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience of being able to try delicious food from around the world. They created memories with that they will take with them through life. The highlight being able to have a steak to order. The food is of high quality and the service excellent. It was lovely to be met by the manager who explained everything to us and all members of staff were fantastic and very friendly with the children. Everyone was so welcoming and professional. we will definitely be doing this again next year and would thoroughly recommend you. Thank you. You made our weekend in Cardiff Bay so memorable. St Mary’s Catholic School Wrexham

  8. Great for lunch.

    Recently visited for lunchtime offer. Two could eat for £15 including soft drinks. Staff were all very friendly, surprised to read such negetive reviews. Food was all hot and everything was available. Excellent value for lunch, will definitely visit again, great value for a family as soft drinks alone can cost enough at other restaurants.

  9. Special birthday for my husband

    A pleasant surprise after reading some negative reviews. We found the food excellent. I enjoyed the spicy fish dish and the lamb rogan Josh.
    It was a good gesture coming round with roast lamb and chicken legs.
    The pudding s were lovely and plentiful.
    The soup was too spicy for me, l like good old chicken and sweetcorn
    The unlimited drinks were very nice too.
    Generally very good, and I’m a fusspot.

  10. Tasteful decor and food

    Managed to get to the restaurant yesterday and was not disappointed. The decor is beautiful: fresh, clean and shiny which is just what you want from food stations. The food was great: had fresh cooked king prawns from the live station which were lovely. You pay before you enter and it includes all the soft drinks which are on the side and you help yourself so you can mix what you want. All the staff were very friendly and polite. Can’t wait to go again.

  11. Cold food and Poor managerial response

    I visited this recently refurbished restaurant last night (25th August 2017). Had been before and had enjoyed the buffet. After arriving at 18:45, it was not busy and a young lady showed us to our table and explained where could find the bar, food and free non-alcoholic drinks included in the price.

    Headed to get some shredded duck pancakes to find there were only a few scraps left, ask if there was anymore, and the two staff behind the counter held up a finger and carried on talking amongst their selves. I took it to mean it will be a minute. After waiting patiently as more customers cued for the pancakes, one of the staff took the duck out of the microwave in view and tipped the contents into the metal food container. I put some on my plate and just pick a morsel to try and it was cold.

    I pointed this out to the member of staff who was still behind the counter, who without acknowledging me just emptied it back out and put it back in the microwave and finally, brought it back hot.

    We also enjoyed our Teppanyaki single scallop and squid cooked freshly in front of us.

    Next we noticed Freshly cooked Duck had just been placed out so we proceeded to put some on our plates and my wife decide to check if it was hot, to her disappointment she found it was once again cold, I’m mean very cold. I called the manager across who was in the vicinity at the time. Without saying a word to me he just took the duck off our plates with his bare hands, placing it back on the original serving dish, stormed off to the cooking area and started shouting at the staff in front of customers and did not return to say anything to us.

    I was ready to leave at this time but my wife persuaded me to stay. The rest of the food we tried was acceptable and warm. I was totally aghast at the manager lack of apology and watch him as he later sat down with three Asian gentlemen who seemed to be having Crab, Razorfish(Clams) and other items not on the buffet menu, coming back and forth many times to change their plates and give them plastic containers to take their remaining food away with them.

    I can safely say I will not be recommending or revisiting this restaurant again.

  12. No choice, cold greasy food

    Went at lunchtime and they have hardly any food at all, unless you want chips or a couple of curries. Went especially for sushi as its my daugyers favorite but no one told us of the different day menu. When we realised it was too late. Asked for a refund as my daughter didnt want anything else, but would only give us half a refund. Dissapointing attitudes from staff and manager. We could have gone to waggamama for the money and had a great meal. Definately avoid this place.

  13. Very enjoyable

    After reading some rather negative reviews, we wondered if we had chosen the right place for a family 18th birthday celebration. It was fantastic! We all thoroughly enjoyed the extensive choice of foods offered, which satisfied vegetarians and picky children as well as the rest of us. The only criticism was that some of the food was not piping hot.
    That said, we will definitely be returning!

  14. Great Place To Eat

    It’s disappointing to see so many negative reviews; it’s as if there is a campaign against the place! We go there every week at lunch-times & it has always been great. Yes there is a bigger selection in the evening but also a higher price. The temperature of the food is always acceptable (some dishes cool down if they have been out longer than the others). We have never had anything undercooked & there are always about 60 or more dishes available. As for the staff, most are new with the reopening of the restaurant but they really could not be more willing & helpful. By a long way it is our favourite place to eat out in Cardiff and I’m amazed that people can criticise the place (and I have absolutely no connections with JRC). I’m heading down there again now but had to react to some of these reviews.

  15. Whats not to like?

    17.99 for all you can eat on a sunday with unlimited free drinks. Was expecting the usual average food but was pleasantly surprised. Some of the food needed a bit more heat, but I guess that happens with buffets. Bad reviews are just ppl who had a bad experience. Don’t let it put you off. Looking forward to the one in Wembley opening as im from London and just in Cardiff for the weekend.

  16. As usual an exellent experience

    I thoroughly enjoyed the food, particularly the vegetables. Not a huge meat eater which made the experience a success. The food is always hot and staff go out of their way to assist making the experience good.

  17. Just awful in every way

    Would not advise anyone to go.
    I have been here many times in the past, before and after it changed ownership.
    However this was the 1st time since the refurb.
    You have to pay before you enter which means a large que at the door (probably best because you wouldn’t want to pay after!) .
    Literally half of the food was empty and still empty after being there for an hour.
    They advertise 10 live cooking stations…i did not see 1.
    They give you a 1hour 45minute dine time but after an hour they come and tell you that you only have 10 minutes left.
    And to top it all off all members of staff were rude and ignorant.
    Funny how they have a tip jar near the exit, here’s a tip…just shut down.
    I loved this place before, but i would not go back if they paid you to eat here and i wouldn’t say that about anywhere else.

  18. Disgusting food to go with the disgusting service

    Absolutely disgusted with the food and service in this restaurant in Mermaid Quay. The restaurant was supposed to open at 5.30pm and ended up opening at 5.45pm so waiting outside with hungry children. When we go in and dig in to the food, our whole plates of food were cold. I complained to the manager who told me to take the food from the bottom of the pans. I then did what he said and still wasn’t satisfied and so i asked for a refund so I could get some food else where as I was really hungry. Instead of a refund I received a mouthful from the manager telling me he tried to resolve it by telling me to take food from the bottom and I woudn’t be receiving a refund and then ended up being told to get out before we are escorted out by security. Funnily enough I am a manager for Tesco 2 doors down and will be telling all of my customers tomorrow to avoid this place like the plague.

  19. Disgusting place

    I love how you can’t leave reviews just come from there they got security to escort me out with my four year old because I wanted a refund we waited outside for it to open an it opened 15 minutes late went straight up for food it was stone cold so complained an they said pick stuff from the bottom or wait for more to come out so we did both an still all freezing cold my son screamed leaving because he was starving the owner of the place couldn’t even look me in the eye while I told him the arguments with his manager then my son touched the managers arm an he freaked out it was the worst experience of my life an I’ll never go back I got a few people outside to walk away an not eat there when they could see I was outside upset with a starving child. What a good way to rob single mothers paid £23 for no food an to be abused an kicked out what a vile place!

  20. Sea food

    Disgusted with staff .we booked table for 5 with high chair when we arrived they had no high chairs available..also chicken wasn’t cooked it had blood in we complained they took tray away from counter so it must all of been under cooked told managers she said blood in chicken ok as it was near the vein couldn’t believe what I was hearing. She was very rude I told her j would report this she said go ahead no prob I would avoid this place dont waste your money

  21. Just Really Crap Global

    What an absolute shame.. the once great JRC Global buffet has become no more than an over priced less than average dining experience. The prices have changed and the menu seems to have shrunk topped off with the poorest levels of service I have ever recieved coupled with appaling quality food. I can safely say that after watching the deterioration of this restaurant over the last 2 years I will definately not be returning. With so many options in Cardiff for places to dine out you’d expect this bunch of half wits to at least act like they’re interested in the customer but sadly these rude clueless unengaging individuals never acknowledged us once they’d had my money

  22. Grade b

    Only use grade b chicken disgracfull full of additives and water

  23. Very bad experience

    It was my first time, visiting this restaurant with my gf and turns out the very bad experience. Me and my gf both are vegetarian and there wasn’t much to enjoy as there was only one option to enjoy was chick peas and rice although we paid around £11 for that just imagine that .

    Secondly, we asked one of the chef in Chinese section just to check if the spring rolls are veg and she been told in very horrible way that “ dont ask stupid question and chef can’t tell because he has not been paid to provide menu information.” Isn’t that great.

    I would not recommend this place to anyone that is for sure.

  24. Zero star

    Just went for lunch with my girlfriend. I would say 85% of the food was cold or dried up. I spoke to the chef and said about the food and he just walked away from me, I followed and told him to try other food and again walked away. I called the waiter over and explain what had happened who was pretty shocked. Then I called the manageress over to say I was unhappy with the food and service and wanted a refund, she looked at cctv and said you had a plate of food, yes but it was unedible and we left it. She said I can only give you part refund. I wouldn’t waste your money or time, disgusting food and even worse customer service.

  25. Zero star. Poor cold quality food and service

    Cold soggy food, poor customer service. I called a chef because 85%of the food was cold and dry he put his hand on chips and walked away saying its warm, I tried pointing out the rest of the food and he walked off to another chef I tried to tell him food was cold and he pointed to a batch of spare ibs he just put there. I spoke to the waiter as I wasn’t getting anywhere with the chef’s I noticed the woman that took my money and said I would like a refund as the food is unedable, she looked at cctv and said you had one plate I said if you check the waiter then takes it away as I had two chicken wings, she was rude and had no clue about customer service, she said I can’t refund the money, I was calm and polite and after about 15 minutes said I will give part payment. Then she said if you had asked for fresh food it would have been cooked for me when I had tried to speak to the chefs who wasn’t interested which I explained. What a waste of time and money, the most awful customer service and food I’ve experienced. PLEASE DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY. Loads of unhappy customers in the reviews just wish I had looked before hand


    I just rang to book a table and spoke to the most rude young woman who would not give me her name. I gave her mine and wanted hers so that if there was a problem with the booking (booking in October and it is now August), I would have her name but she refused to give me her name which is extremely unprofessional. I asked to speak to a Manager and she said she was a Manager which I do not believe for one minute. This person’s manner and attitude were totally unacceptable and again unprofessional. Needless to say I cancelled the booking. After reading other reviews, it appears I made the correct decision. Absolutely disgusting!

  27. Don’t go!!

    Very greasy food,
    Ice creams were completely melted mess in refrigerated compartment,
    When clearing the plates from the table the grease was twice spilt down the back of two of our party.

    I complained to the manager, that turned out wasn’t the manager at all. Although he said he was!! When I eventually got to speak to another person who said they were the manager he was not interested in the slightest and told me to email head office. On their webpage it says head office does not deal with customer services and you need to speak to a manager in the restaurant. So you are just passed round the houses to get rid of you. Not interested at all , No apologies for Grease spilt down two separate peoples backs and clothes ruined,
    The food left much to be desired. The chef on the grill bar did not have a clue and served the scallops squashed flat and greasy, He put them on a cold griddle poured oil over them Before he started cooking then squashed them flat and cooked them for five minutes, instead of searing them on a hot grill.for 2 mins . They were greasy, tough and one adult actually vomited on our return home. Don’t know if it was the grease or the scallops, but certainly would not recommend

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